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Common nylon conveyor belt
According to the coverage properties of the different points for cold resistant, acid and alkali resistance, resistance type oil and heat-resistant and flame-retardant nylon conveyor belt made of nylon canvas by rolling, forming and vulcanization of refining processes. Compared with the ordinary cotton core conveyor belt, it has the advantages of high strength, good elasticity, impact resistance, light weight, good groove and so on. It can effectively reduce the transmission cost to achieve high speed, large span, long distance transportation.
Those tapes of our company are produced, mainly because of the nylon core conveyor belt with a belt body thin, high strength, impact resistance, good performance, interlayer adhesion strength and flex are excellent and the use of long life and other characteristics, suitable for long distance, high-speed high load conditions for conveying materials. Nylon conveyor belt not only has these advantages, the most important is that it is fast and convenient, greatly improving the work efficiency and work integrity.
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